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carpet cleaner prices

Carpet Cleaning Prices

General Carpet Cleaning Prices vary between one man bands and professional companies. You do however get what you pay for.

For example if you pay the lowest price in the country for carpet cleaning and the person turns up with a Vax or Rug Doctor then you are sure to be unhappy and possibly paying for new carpets. You need to make sure the operative shows you proof of their qualifications before they make a start as they could damage your carpets by using the wrong chemicals.

Why Can’t I just do it myself?

OK, let’s explain why it is a massive mistake to hire a machine or do it yourself. The reason is, carpets have to be left at a generally neutral ph level or they start turning colour, Have you ever seen brown or orange type staining on a carpet before? of course you have, It’s usually after someone has tried to clean them themselves or it’s near any area where you have a pet, plant or wiring left on the floor and it had gotten slightly wet. An unqualified carpet cleaning service will not know about the periodic table in the process of carpet cleaning and in turn, they will damage your carpets and cause carpet browning. Once the damage has occurred, It is unfixable.

If you have a stain on your carpet and you try to use shop-bought chemicals to clean it yourself first but fail and then call us, We will not be able to fix it as the damage has been done by you using random chemicals on it first. Our chemicals would then react with yours and make it worse. The best idea is to call us first.

carpet cleaner prices