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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Our Carpet Cleaning FAQ will help you understand how our process’s work.

Q. What is Carpet Browning?

A. Carpet browning happens when the PH level of a carpet or fabric is out of whack, Usually when someone tries to clean their own carpet and use shop bought chemicals, Then after a couple of days the chemical that is left deep in the pile begin to damage the carpet.

Q. Why can’t I hire a Rug Doctor & use the chemicals that come with it?

A. You could and you might be lucky in not damaging the carpet, But if it does not work and then you decide to call a professional, Most professional carpet clean services will refuse to do the job as their chemicals will react with the rug doctors chemicals in the pile. Too much of a gamble for us.

Q. Will my Carpet look new again?

A. No, It is a common misconception that carpet and upholstery cleaning improves the look of the fabric, the service is mainly for hygiene purposes and if it looks better, Then its a perk.

Q. Why do you offer stain removal if the carpet will not look better?

A. In all of our years in doing carpet extraction cleaning, 99% of all floors do look better after our services and yes we have skills to remove stains, But we put a disclaimer on our site to cover us if the flooring does not improve visually as we would have already used chemicals and man hours doing the job, So we would still have to charge.

Q. Whats the difference between carpet extraction, Dry carpet cleaning and carpet steam cleaning?

A. Dry power carpet Cleaning is mainly used for new carpets within the first few years of life to stay within the warranty, Carpet steam cleaning is frowned upon in the industry though the phrase ‘Carpet Steam Cleaning’ is used even if steam is not used, As a selling point. Carpet extraction Cleaning is the most common where a pre spray is used of say an alkali chemical, Then a machine sprays an acidic chemical to counter and then the machine sucks up/ extracts all chemicals back out of the carpet. We think this question is a must in our carpet cleaning FAQ.

Q. Why is Carpet steam cleaning bad?

A. It is not good as high heat steam can damage, Burn and even shrink the carpet. You can talk to us direct if you have a concern.

Q. What about hot water extraction?

A. Hot water extraction cleaning is very common and is usually around 60 degrees and will ensure the carpet dries quickly.

Q. You mentioned acid and alkali, is that dangerous?

A. No, It is family and pet friendly, High end chemicals that we use. most professionals use the same chemicals as us and they are only slightly more acidic than water, not to the extent of say a graffiti remover which would burn a hole through your hand if untreated. You know that coca cola is a lower ph level than most cleaning chemicals which is why its so unhealthy to drink.

Q. What machine do you use?

A. We use the most powerful model of carpet extraction machine that is currently available in the UK. In comparison, Let’s take a Vax shop bought machine, Our machine is 200 times more powerful than that.

Q. If your machine is so powerful, can it damage my carpet?

A. The power of our machine enables us to use hundreds of meters of hose without loss of suction as smaller machines can handle up to 10 metres of hose before it becomes useless, Also the carpet machine wand (hand held pipe) is specially designed to not suck the carpet itself up the hose.

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